Ivoclar Laser

  The Odyssey Navigator is a soft tissue diode laser that has multiple clinical uses. It provides patients with results that are far superior to all other forms of soft tissue management available today. The main benefits that most patients appreciate are the tremendous decrease in postoperative pain and discomfort from soft tissue dental treatment, and the significant decrease in healing time. This means less anesthetic, faster procedures, and little or no discomfort with reduced healing time.

Just some of the many types of soft tissue procedures that the laser is used for include gingival (gum) recontouring, lesion removal and biopsy, gingival sterilization and hemostasis, frenulectomy (tongue tied or lip release), operculectomy (removal of excess tissue on 3rd molars erupted in mouth), periodontal gingival debridement and bacterialcidal effect in the gingival sulcus. The soft tissue laser can also be used in treating cold sores(herpetic lesions) that commonly occur on patients' lips and oral tissue. The laser will immediately reduce the amount of pain and decrease healing time significantly, all without any discomfort during or after the procedure. After laser therapy treatment of a lesion, it has been clinically shown that the cold sore will no longer present again in that same area.

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